Welcome to Communities at Northeastern

The online destination to connect with one another and the university community, anywhere, at any time. Powered by Microsoft’s social platform, Viva Engage, you can create new communities and invite members, discover and join existing communities, and interact with community members as a group and one-on-one.

Log in to Communities at Northeastern

Once you log in, you will first see that you are a member of the “All Northeastern” community feed, which includes all individuals at Northeastern who are using Viva Engage. Note, if you post a message to the “All Northeastern” community feed, all individuals at Northeastern who are using Viva Engage will see your message.

Discover communities to join by navigating to “Discover Communities”

Communities are either public or private. Both public and private communities are listed in the “Discover Communities” area of Viva Engage. Anyone can self-join a public community. For private communities, clicking “join” will send a request to the community owner(s) who will need to approve your request before you can gain access to the community.

Consider creating a community by navigating to “Create a Community”

When creating a community, decide if your community will be public or private. Before creating a community, be sure to learn about the differences between public and private communities, including what information is and is not viewable by others at Northeastern.

Access Communities at Northeastern on the go

For the best mobile experience, download the Yammer mobile app for Android or Apple.

Have questions about getting started with Communities?

Reach out to the Digital University Solutions team at digitalsolutions@northeastern.edu.